The COVID-19 Agenda

About The COVID-19 Agenda

Postings here will continue to disclose information the main stream media will not.

The COVID-19 Agenda website was created for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, censorship – As coronavirus continued around the globe, many reports and statistics were being stated from the media that in researching, did not make sense. For example, private citizens were hearing on their local news “overwhelmed hospitals” and decided in their forced “Stay at Home,” to actually go out and see these hospitals they lived by. They were empty, videotaped what they saw, posted on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, which started shutting them down.

Another example, the statistics, the death rates. Early on, only 5 of every million people were being tested out of 8 billion people. There can be no death rate percentage when only a very small number, were being tested. Further, it is interesting as the shutdown continued and the 2 million deaths that were possible were not even going to come close, all of a sudden, deaths from cancer, diabetes, heart disease were going to be associated as a coronavirus death. New York just recently added 3,700 deaths to coronavirus.

Second, with censorship, voices are not being heard. These voices, ‘voices in the wilderness,’ are having less and less platforms to reveal these truths.

Third, with videos and images being censored, this site is ‘storing’ these reports that are disappearing more and more so that the truth does not continue to disappear.

Postings here will continue to disclose information the main stream media will not. If you have any articles, videos or other media that exposes the use of coronavirus as an agenda, please contact The COVID-19 Agenda.