Anti-Hydroxychlorquine? You’re being played.


Their video got 14 million views on YouTube and many more on Twitter and Facebook until they started deleting them.

BEST I CAN TELL: A group of doctors held a conference in Washington DC yesterday where they and those who attended gave testimonials about what treatments they’ve had success with fighting COVID.

One of the videos — featuring several doctors — insisted that masks were unnecessary because there’s a tried and true treatment for COVID if you administer the treatment in the first 15 days (HDQ, Zinc, Azithromycin).

This was not a study. These were simply doctors claiming to have successfully treated hundreds of patients in this manner, successfully, within the first 15 days of patients having COVID.

Immediately, CNN and the New York Times published articles saying peer reviewed studies have “proven” HDQ alone doesn’t work, and HDQ with Azithromycin doesn’t work — but right in those same articles — it refers to these studies being about late stage COVID, in other words, AFTER the first 15 days. And WITHOUT zinc.

The doctors who gave the testimonials said they use both WITH zinc.

Stay with me…

Furthermore the doctors who gave the testimonial said they have had success PREVENTING the virus by putting healthy people on low doses of HDQ and zinc. (President Trump, for example, has said his doctor put him on a low dose for prevention.)

So the doctors are saying, essentially, that there is a prevention and there is a cure — and that both use INEXPENSIVE, tried and true low-cost drugs and zinc.

Well… their video got 14 million views on YouTube and many more on Twitter and Facebook until the articles from CNN and NYT came out. Also, President Trump retweeted the videos in a couple different forms.

Remember… The best I can tell, these are just doctors saying what has worked for them and their patients.

But once the articles came out — and after Trump tweeted the videos — YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook started deleting the testimonials, citing the same studies as the CNN and NYT articles. And, as explained above, those studies don’t quite measure exactly what the doctors are claiming.

So now… you can’t hear from these doctors.

Here’s what that means: activist news organizations and activists at big tech companies are deciding which medical doctors and scientists you can hear from and which you cannot.

The “science” that is leading you to accept your new normal is being scrubbed — by political activists. Not by scientists.

Whether u agree with the doctors — whether I agree with the doctors — that’s not the point.

“News” organizations and tech companies are deciding who they will discredit and who u can hear from.

Meanwhile — IF the doctors are correct, people are dying and the economy is being held back for perceived political gain.

Either way, though…You are being played.

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