The COVID19 Agenda Opinion
The COVID19 Agenda Opinion

The truth is, most people are now dead inside, or dying a little more emotionally everyday.


"It's not living in any sense of the word except for breathing."

Shelly Donahue posted today:

“The Sanford Mall is nearly dead. Even the food court only had about a dozen people. Social distancing isn’t a problem there, that’s for sure. Ha.”

Earlier today, I had gone to Flea World off Sample and the stores were the same as in the above quote. Some of the shops I went in and the owner would come up and almost in pleading, “I’ll give you a good discount.” It wasn’t just very sad, it was extremely disturbing, hearing the same words, in the same tone in multiple stores. In this experience, and arriving home and reading the post above, I responded to Shelly:

“That’s the real problem. This economy isn’t going to collapse because of shutdowns, but because of social distancing and mask rules. No one’s going out. What’s the point?”

And the following are the thoughts, sentiments, sadness and the rising feeling of hopelessness .

The shame of it was we let this virus kill ourselves, in hiding, instead of living through it and becoming stronger.

This was Shelly Donahue’s thoughts:

“I was just mulling on this on my drive home. I really HATE this world as it is now. It’s not living in any sense of the word except for breathing.

I feel utterly pointless and without purpose, and it’s not just because there’s no sports or events for kids, much less adults. Or movie theaters, or anything for physical activity and mingling.

It’s that if you DARE go do ANYTHING to self express or let off steam or do something for pleasure, you’re treated like you hate your fellow man; like you’re a horrible person for “endangering” society – even though most of us are Covid free.

The truth is, most people are now dead inside, or dying a little more emotionally everyday. I feel ZERO motivation for anything.

Everything seems negative – even people I thought I had a positive connection with have now had rifts with me over just about anything you can name. Everyone dismisses each other at best, or bullies/wounds each other at worst.

The Internet is pointless now too, because most people have no money to shop, fewer jobs to apply for, and even watching it for entertainment is repetitive. I think I may actually cancel the Internet and just have it on my phone. It’s just an extra expense that I don’t need right now.

Anyway, there is no answer or solution to any of this. I’m thinking seriously about giving away everything and just give up on finding work. I’m super discouraged – and I’m one of millions.”

– Shelly Donahue

I could not have summed it up better.

Shelly Donahue’s words will echo through the days, weeks and months ahead…

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