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“For the safety of the population.”


Or is it more than just that...

It Started.

Coronavirus. COVID-19. A virus predicted by Fauci, the WHO and the ‘experts’ to possibly kill 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 Americans.

The First Wave

The media started early and often, picking up the ‘experts’ dire predictions of a new, unknown virus, coronavirus, COVID-19, extremely dangerous, first on national news networks and then throughout local news broadcasts.
Sounded good, “Protect the population.”

The NCAA Basketball Tournament cancelled. Seniors who dedicated 4 years of their lives denied the opportunity to play for an NCAA championship. Gone.
Sounded good, “Protect the population.”

Along with it came the cancellation of the NBA, the NHL, MLB. Gone.
Sounded good, “Protect the population.”

Local news networks throughout the country continued to sound the alarm as “hospitals were overwhelmed.” Yet private citizens who immediately went out to these named hospitals videotaped vacant parking lots, empty temporary tents, deserted front entrances. Social media began a mass censorship campaign against these videos, Facebook, Twitter, Google and Youtube videos were removed.
Sounded good, “Protect the population.”

As the censorship ‘script’ spread throughout local news media, and grew beyond just videos, those who forwarded any thought that the virus was a manipulation and agenda were deemed, “dangerous to our democracy.”
Sounded good, “Protect the population.”

Schools closed, seniors denied the final height of celebration of 12 years of education – their high school graduation, high school proms. Gone.
Sounded good, “Protect the population.”

“Stay at Home.” Emergency decree.
Sounded good, “Protect the population.”

Close the beaches, the parks, places of worship. Gone.
Sounded good, “Protect the population.”

Close businesses at all costs. Restaurants, bars, pubs, fitness centers, mostly small businesses, millions never to open again. Only those “essential” stay open – most of them the large corporate franchises.
Sounded good, “Protect the population.”

Force 53,000,000 into joblessness. A $1,200 federal stimulus check, 26 weeks of unemployment in 46 states, 12 weeks in 4 states to cover all their bills.
Sounded good, “Protect the population.”

After 3 months, 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 predicted deaths saw just 90,000, 85% over the age of 65, 40% in nursing homes, most with ‘underlying medical issues’ of cancer, heart disease and more.

The Second Wave

Businesses opened with the caveat – “Social Distance.” Those that didn’t close down permanently, opened up at a forced capacity of 50%. Yet most businesses need an 80% to 90% capacity to remain viable, profitable. Employee hours cut from 40 – 60 hours to part-time hours.
Sounded good, “Protect the population.”

Cases “sky-rocketed.” Of course, more and more testing became available, which were not available in the first wave to determine just how many in the population were infected, and recovered.
Sounded good, “Protect the population.”

Businesses were forced to close again, on a holiday weekend that is normally the busiest of the year for them. Workers again stayed home.
Sounded good, “Protect the population.”

For a virus that has a .04% mortality rate. A 99.9% survival rate in the U.S.

Yet in Sweden, that remained open, closings, social distancing, masks all remained ‘voluntary,’ has a .05% mortality rate, a 99.5% survival rate.
And of the 8 states that shutdown, similar in size to Sweden that never shutdown, an average of .05% mortality rate and 99.5% survival rate as well.

Yet in America, “Land of the free, home of the brave,” wear ‘Masks and Temperature checks’ or, “We’ll report you,” and, “You can’t enter here.”
Sounded good, “Protect the population.”

States hiring ‘Contact Tracers,’ ‘COVID Community Corps,’ digitally following your every move on every cell phone. You have the virus, you’ll be called. You have been around those who have the virus, you’ll be called, and asked who you’ve been around.
Sounded good, “Protect the population.”

After the 2nd or 3rd manipulated Wave and a pushed through Vaccine.
“Have you been vaccinated?” “No?” “You can’t enter here.”
Sounded good, “Protect the population.”

After a 4th or 5th manipulated Wave?

“We need to scan your chip.” “No chip?” “You can’t enter here.”

It really wasn’t about “Protect the population.”

You can’t buy, sell, or trade unless you’re controlled.

40 years of education built on political correctness – the politics of “emotion, the offended and the agenda.”

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