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A Happy 4th of July – From a COVID Perspective


So there is clarification as to ‘how dangerous COVID-19 is’ [sarcasm], here is my research on the data numbers of COVID-19.

Numbers used are updated through July 3, 2020. Sources of Total Populations and Deaths are from Worldometers (the link is at the end of the article.) The Mortality Rate Equation is determined by the CDC’s formula (the link is at the end of the article.)

COVID-19 at first spread in Europe and the US at the end of January, 2020. The experts predicted 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 deaths in the US., 3% to 10% of the population. The World Health Organization, the CDC and those like Fauci who continue to be wrong weren’t even close.

The following rate chart are from the sources mentioned above and linked at the end of this article.

The U.S.- 331,018,157-132,101-0.040%-99.960%
Sweden-    10,099,756-    5,420-0.054%-99.946%

The average of 8 states similar in size to Sweden –
States – 10,773,010 – 5,569 – 0.052% – 99.948%

The 8 states similar in size to Sweden –
GA-  10,736,100 –   2,856 – 0.027% – 99.973%
IL –   12,659,700 –   7,215 – 0.057% – 99.943%
MI –  10,045,000 –   6,215 – 0.062% – 99.938%
NJ –    8,936,570 – 15,270 – 0.171% – 99.829%
NC – 10,611,900 –    1,420 – 0.013% – 99.987%
OH – 11,747,700 –    2,932 – 0.025% – 99.975%
PA –  12,820,900 –    6,797 – 0.053% – 99.947%
VA –    8,626,210 –    1,845 – 0.021% – 99.979%

Of over 331 million people in the US, the questionable deaths are 132,101.
The mortality rate of .04%. Four one-hundredths of a 1%.
The survival rate is 99.96%
85% have died over the age of 65 – over 112,000, 40% in nursing homes.
15% have died under the age of 65 – 19,815.
Under 65
The mortality rate is .006%. Six one-thousandths of 1%.
The survival rate is 99.994%.

Sweden never shutdown. Schools remained open, as well as businesses – restaurants, salons, bars, all of them. Parks, beaches, events remained and held. No closing of sporting events, high school graduations, concerts. Nothing. The only social distance implemented – no groups of 50 or more.
Of over 10,000,000 million people in Sweden, the deaths are 5,420.
The mortality rate of .054%. Five one-hundredths of 1%.
The survival rate is 99.46%
The US has just a .014% survival rate better than Sweden.

For those who excuse the similar numbers between Sweden and the US can’t be used as a comparison because of the difference in population size, I decided to use the 8 states of the US that are similar in size to Sweden (within 20%, more or less) and average their numbers together.
Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

The numbers of open Sweden and the shutdown states are eerily similar.
Sweden – 10,099,756 pop., 5,420 deaths, .054% mortality, 99.946% survival.
8 States – 10,773,010 pop., 5,569 deaths, .052% mortality, 99.948% survival.

Yet here in America, masks and social distancing are forced on the population by ‘Executive Orders.” Over 50,000,000 unemployed, millions of businesses closed permanently, parks, beaches and events shut down. Foreclosures and evictions filed in massive numbers (now extended until August or September, at which time owners and renters will be required to pay all past due or suffer the consequences.)
Yet Sweden prospers, while the U.S. heads to a horrific financial backlash.

IN SOUTH FLORIDA (Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade Counties)
Of a population of 6,060,000, 274 have died under age 65.
A .0000452% mortality rate. A 99.9999548% survival rate. Four one-hundred thousandths of 1%!
Yet where most are under 65, the beaches, restaurants and bars are closed.

IN KEY WEST (Monroe County)
Of a population of 7,4228, 39 that have died under age 65.
A .000527% mortality rate. A 99.999473% survival rate. Five ten-thousandths of 1%!
Yet where most are under 65, the beaches, restaurants and bars are closed.
And on one of the busiest weekends of the year for them, their closed . . . and going out of business.

“When a nation sacrifices their freedoms for security, they end up with neither.”

Happy Fourth of July.

Countries –
Country data

States –
State data

CDC Mortality
CDC Mortality Rate Factor

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