COVID-19 World Death Rate

Herd Immunity: Sweden vs. U.S.


Update on data. While mainstream media continues to cite 1% COVID-19 deaths, here are the hard, concrete facts.
In 1918 the Spanish Flu killed 2.7% to 5.4% of the world’s population.….
The “experts” were declaring COVID-19 to be almost as deadly, predicting .5% to 1% mortality rate of COVID-19 in January. 1 to 3 million US deaths alone.

So what are the numbers?

The data on the following charts is taken from Worldometers, pulling it in from WHO and CDC. These numbers are current as of May 26, 2020.

Worldwide mortality: 5-100ths of 1%. Survival rate – 99.995%
Europe: 2-10ths of 1%. Survival rate – 99.977%
USA: 3-10ths of 1%. Survival rate – 99.969%
Sweden: 4-10ths of 1%. Survival rate – 99.958%

Two points:

First, The world shut down over tenths and one-hundreds of a percent in mortality rates, not 1% or 3% as predicted.

Second, Sweden remained open and their mortality rate is just 2-10ths of 1% higher than all other European countries that shut their economies down.

Worse, the US shutdown their entire economy for two months and have just a 1-10th of 1% lower mortality rate than Sweden that remained open and did not bankrupt their country.

What the US has done is left their children and grandchildren paying an enormous debt of trillions.

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